21 február, 2019

Franchise in Poland - 2019

Per 2018, there are over 1,200 franchise brands on the Polish market and 100 was new. It is a growing sector by any means in 2019. The number of franchise stores and service outlets increased by 4 356 and reached 75 000  in 2018 - according to the report of the consulting company PROFIT, the system and the Franchising.pl portal. Most of Franchise brands are native Polish companies. An average employment of 5-6 people per franchise office, the total number of employees in franchise outlets exceeded 405 thousand. Reference: Raport o franczyzie w Polsce 2018

There is a Polish Organization of Franchisors what is about to organize this sector on national level.

Several Franchise portal shows opportunities in Poland

  • franchising.pl is an international brand what shows  businesses in Polish. It has over 300 offer categorized by business type but has no analytical filter - the pages should checked and compared one by one.
  • The www.franchiseeurope.com has around 50 choice with good delecting and filtering options. The main point is the sum of investment, license, marketing and equipment costs.
  • The franczyzawpolsce.pl has 80 franchising offer. Business type categories and the important data shown on the main surface. Here is the biggest variety of options, some mention no money investments needed. 

There is a yearly Franchise Expo: October 17-19, 2019 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) at the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw with 200 exhibitors and 7000 expected visitors. Details: http://franchiseexpo.pl

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