08 August, 2020

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Források, további részletek angolul:
1. tanulmány: https://www.agorapulse.com/social-media-lab/facebook-ad-comments-test/
2. tanulmány: https://www.falcon.io/insights-hub/topics/customer-engagement/reply-to-facebook-ad-comments/

06 November, 2019

Hungarian Renaissance Sausage - Taste of medieval conviviality

The Hungarian Renaissance Sausage is a local product inspired by a recipe manuscript from 1588.  Produced only in Miskolc area, North-Hungary. The original name "Diósgyőri Vitéz Kolbász" refers the long traditions of the regio. The first settlers at the Eastern valley of Bükk Mountain arrived around 45,000 BP called Szeleta-Culture.

In the Middle Ages this herb sausage was a popular meat product in the vicinity of Diósgyőr town.
The first castle was built in the 12th century, In 1316 it was mentioned as "new castle", which confirms the theory that it was built in place of a destroyed castle. In 1330 the town around the castle was one of the richest towns of the county. The Pauline Fathers build monastery near the castle and made beautiful gardens to welcome and satisfy the visitors of the queen of Hungary over centuries.

Original medieval looks of Castle of Diosgyor  Source: Wikimedia

This premium quality product - unlike modern well-known sausages, it does not contain caraway, pepper or paprika. The pepper was a gold-equivalent pricey luxury spice and the chili paprika not arrived yet from America.  However, its unique, gentle seasoning is familiar to Eastern-European consumers through its well known ingredients. For the preservation of the sausage they use only common salt and cold smoking with beech. It does not contain any other preservatives, artificial additives, flavor, coloring, flavor enhancers. 

This basic ingredients are minced meat and lard from pork with casing traditionally made from intestine. The seasoning is only mixture of local green spices and salt.

The Susage  well dried, handmade between 20-30 cm pieces.

In October 2016, the Vitéz sausage from Diósgyőr won the right to use the Traditions-Tastes-Regions trademark (HÍR program). This means that the product qualifies as a traditional local quality premium product, which is generally recognized in the EU.

07 August, 2019

Street performances

The talented street musicians and jugglers etc. are attracting the tourist, giving nice memories. They giving a nice colour of the crowdy places.

Jacek Piotrowicz playing for over 5 years mostly on main square.

This is a fresh record from May 2019 .

Many other artists are giving regular free concerts in local bars.

21 February, 2019

Franchise in Poland - 2019

Per 2018, there are over 1,200 franchise brands on the Polish market and 100 was new. It is a growing sector by any means in 2019. The number of franchise stores and service outlets increased by 4 356 and reached 75 000  in 2018 - according to the report of the consulting company PROFIT, the system and the Franchising.pl portal. Most of Franchise brands are native Polish companies. An average employment of 5-6 people per franchise office, the total number of employees in franchise outlets exceeded 405 thousand. Reference: Raport o franczyzie w Polsce 2018

There is a Polish Organization of Franchisors what is about to organize this sector on national level.

Several Franchise portal shows opportunities in Poland

  • franchising.pl is an international brand what shows  businesses in Polish. It has over 300 offer categorized by business type but has no analytical filter - the pages should checked and compared one by one.
  • The www.franchiseeurope.com has around 50 choice with good delecting and filtering options. The main point is the sum of investment, license, marketing and equipment costs.
  • The franczyzawpolsce.pl has 80 franchising offer. Business type categories and the important data shown on the main surface. Here is the biggest variety of options, some mention no money investments needed. 

There is a yearly Franchise Expo: October 17-19, 2019 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) at the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw with 200 exhibitors and 7000 expected visitors. Details: http://franchiseexpo.pl

29 January, 2019

360 panorama videos about Kraków - 2017

On the Youtube there is a collection of 360 panorama videos - published by the Kraków town Youtube channel between 2017 Junius to 2018 July.  This is 70 piece Ultra High Definition (UHD) quality  records.

Some of them indoor, like this on in the Cloth House in the Main Square

On the historic places about 20 second each (in real time around 5-10 minutes).
There are some special event also recorded,  e.g. the most people playing volleyball.

This one is the most extreme shoot: Winter night in humid weather - The Kraków main square at Christmas time.

Some shoot is not in the urban area but on the fields nearby Kraków

21 January, 2019

Over 100,000 business entity was in Kraków in 2018

The Centralny Ośrodek Informacji Gospodarczej company in Warsaw is maintaining a database with all companies in Poland. This Infodesk marketing online business database of companies in Kraków contains information about 100,000 active entities.

Below you can find information on the number of database records for individual districts:

Krakow districtIndividual activitiesscKRStogetherpercentage 
Kraków-Nowa Huta13030145920231651216.37

16 January, 2019

How to appear as an established business on Google Maps in 2019?

First  take the control for free! If you missed do download for free and start to manage your registered business on the Google Maps!
  1. Add and edit new business details directly via the Profile Editor.
  2. Snap photos and enhance them with filters, then post directly to your Business Profile.
  3. Create posts for new offers, updates, and events.
  4. See who and how interacting with your Business Profile. In the Customers tab you can respond to reviews, message directly with customers and see who follows your business.
Second you need to be aware of major updates happened in Google My Business in 2018 march:

  1. For businesses with multiple locations better dashboard
  2. Separate fields for Service Area and Business Address (and removing the ability to set a distance-based service area around the business address)
  3. Service menu for service-based businesses and product menu for retailers
  4. Videos to insert on the photo dashboard
If a person also appear the photo will be more lively

Third complete your attributes - they are Google’s name for small bits of descriptive information about your business. They include things like:
  • Service offerings (e.g. qick visit, food types, )
  • Highlights (Great Happy Hour, Lots of TVs, etc.)
  • Atmosphere (casual, noisy, family-friendly, private)
  • Customer/client demographic (popular among students, business travellers, tourists)
Forth check your photos - be sure you show on an attractive way the important segments of your place and services.
  • Are your logos, visual elements are clear?
  • How to get in to your area?
  • Turn on the lights to have more colors
  • Panorama pictures and short videos are more attractive

Kommentek a Facebook hirdetések alatt

Milyen hatása van, ha kommentet tesznek a Facebook hirdetés alá Utánanéztem hogy milyen hatással vannak a kommentek  a Facebook hirdetésre: ...