14 november, 2018

Mr. Black coctail bar - Kraków Old town.

I recommend the Mr. Black Coctail bar in Kraków city center, what has 5/5 score by visitors. It has an unique vintage atmosphere with quality service.

The reviewers ar highlight the Classy Atmosphere, Stylish interior · Great food ·  Friendly bartenders · Perfect for events · Great value · Romantic 

It is getting popular for group events.

More details:

 How to find?This is 1 minute walk from the "Bagatella" cross. No cars allowed in this Historical area at the Main square.

12 november, 2018

Partner-marketing for smarter commerce

One important, often overlooked method is partner-marketing, where a retailer promotes products or services offered by other merchants. The main challenge in partner-marketing is to find partners, to determining whom a retailer should choose as partners among many choices.

A retailer can make use of rich information from mobile and geo-social media to find potential partners in a geographic region.

The explosion of mobile and geo-social media in recent years has led to increasing insights about consumers' footprints — which shops they visit, where they travel, and where they live and work. In addition, geo-social data also reveals which regional merchants are popular and why.

There is a series of partner-finding techniques that leverage geo-social data at increasing granularity and discuss analytics to rank potential partners.

meeting drawing with people

Retailers can combine geo-social data with traditional data such as demographics, weather information, and their own marketing databases to personalize partner-marketing.

Source, further read:  J. Bao ; A. Deshpande ; S. McFaddin ; C. Narayanaswami : Partner-marketing using geo-social media data for smarter commerce

11 november, 2018

Our clients

Our focus groups

* New starter local businesses

* Who would open to wide public of internet

* Who would attract international travellers

* Who would appear in leading international services

* Civil and non-profit organizations.

06 november, 2018

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