16 január, 2019

How to appear as an established business on Google Maps?

First  take the control for free! If you missed do download for free and start to manage your registered business on the Google Maps!
  1. Add and edit new business details directly via the Profile Editor.
  2. Snap photos and enhance them with filters, then post directly to your Business Profile.
  3. Create posts for new offers, updates, and events.
  4. See who and how interacting with your Business Profile. In the Customers tab you can respond to reviews, message directly with customers and see who follows your business.
Second you need to be aware of major updates happened in Google My Business in 2018 march:

  1. For businesses with multiple locations better dashboard
  2. Separate fields for Service Area and Business Address (and removing the ability to set a distance-based service area around the business address)
  3. Service menu for service-based businesses and product menu for retailers
  4. Videos to insert on the photo dashboard
If a person also appear the photo will be more lively

Third complete your attributes - they are Google’s name for small bits of descriptive information about your business. They include things like:
  • Service offerings (e.g. qick visit, food types, )
  • Highlights (Great Happy Hour, Lots of TVs, etc.)
  • Atmosphere (casual, noisy, family-friendly, private)
  • Customer/client demographic (popular among students, business travellers, tourists)
Forth check your photos - be sure you show on an attractive way the important segments of your place and services.
  • Are your logos, visual elements are clear?
  • How to get in to your area?
  • Turn on the lights to have more colors
  • Panorama pictures and short videos are more attractive

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