Why geo-marketing?

What are the benefits of Geo Marketing?
  • Most tourists are depends on their devices. What is not appear on their screen may face trust issues.
  • The costs are minimal and scalable. Unlike group coupons, these offers are generally inexpensive, so merchants face no significant losses.
  • People likes stories and references. If you have a good digital experience it will easy to share to friends.
  • You can easily highlight products and events. Fast updates and customer discussion is possible what is not a way in printed form.
  • Easily improve ranking in general search results with inbound links from services like Tripadvisor, Foursquare.
  • Restaurants, entertainment venues can create geomarketing offers for “slow” times of day or off-season occupancy. This tactic can turn down-times into profitable opportunities.
  • Open new ways to reach clients:
    • Local customers. Researches and statistics about customers habits. Profile tracking services are available with the customers agreement.
    • Internet customers. Online shoppers allocate  their computer’s through their IP address.
    • Social media users.The big  social media platforms allow users to “check in” to business locations, e.g. local coffee shop or restaurant. Businesses can then send special offers to such or nearby users.
    • Mobile device users. Customer preferences and GPS data provide several details.
 Geo Marketing Partner helps you for effective digital and virtual marketing and advertisment. Going with the newest prooved technologies. For growing and new local businesses in Miskolc, Borsod.

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